Curse These Eyes

Curse These What?!!!

Curse These Eyes was founded by me, Andrew Jackson (AJ). My story often changes as to why I named the business Curse These Eyes. So, the story that I will go with is that I am partially colourblind and I’ve used this to my advantage whilst developing my particular style of photography and post-processing.

I am completely dedicated to my craft and I am obsessed with the client journey. My goal is make it as professional, streamlined and as fun as possible. This seems to work well, especially when some work spans over several weeks or months.

I like to create a relaxed and encouraging atmosphere when I’m behind the camera. I do this by being friendly, personable and engaging with all of my clients.

With a background in professional music and psychology, I am part-entertainer, part-therapist and part-photographer…for me, a perfect blend when it comes to working with individuals and delivering a professional final product.

I look forward to finding out how Curse These Eyes could be of benefit to you. - AJ.

Who would benefit from using this service?

Previous portraits and headshots have been used by actors, models, comedians, artists, musicians, PT instructors, bands, ballet dancers, wedding couples, other photographers, heads of business and those simply looking to improve their online presence with high-quality images of themselves.

Those looking to have the emotion of their wedding day captured in a filmic, contemporary and non-traditional style.

Interior designers, architects, marketing agencies, estate agents looking to update their own portfolio, website, social media presence etc.

Why would you benefit from a headshot or portrait session?

A wise human once said: “Use a picture. It’s worth a thousand words”. A cliche by today’s standards, but rarely a truer word is said. Not only are professionally taken photographs an absolute standard amongst working professionals, it adds value by raising your stakes, increasing your confidence and opening doors for you that may have, at some point, been closed.

How much will it cost?!

For details on pricing please click on the link below…


We are based in Glasgow but able to travel worldwide. Our studio is situated at 90 Mitchell Street, Glasgow (two minutes walk from Central Station)!

Travel charges will apply if travelling 50 miles plus outside of Glasgow.